Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - Swimming in the sky

Listen to the EP below

:: The writer - TB

Words come
On paper.
Rhythm just
Follows her,
Like vapour.

She is
Trapped in a poem.
She says
What she thinks.
Her words
Fail to break through to the intended

Deep breaths,
She tries again
With her pen.
But finds it hard
To sculpt shapes out of words.
And, finally, loses all senses.

:: The reader - KC

I remember in the beginning,
used to reason over heart, he would 
study me suspiciously, looking for 
signs I didn't purport my words.

It's not all of a sudden
he can finish my lines.
Not all of a sudden
he knows what I don't say.

It took me stubbornness,
it took him some faith.
I still write him poems 
as a means of approach.


- TB writes Under the Toadstool
- These poems are shared with The Real Toads
- Kensi 'n' Tom EP art by Kenia Cris
- Tom suggested we call this spoken word musical style "Trip shop". I adore the idea.
- I find it awesome to have someone you can be both creative and silly with.


  1. Isn't it an amazing thing that simple words can bring others together closer than one would ever picture.

  2. I love collaboration.. what a wonderful poem you have created together, the reading and writing are both needed to make poetry.

  3. Anonymous1/13/2015

    With only what's posted here, I read wonderful collaboration and conversation, and it's possible with only words and a few images and sounds. Fascinating how mind and mind intermingle and twine. But "not all of a sudden," yes. And never well enough -- I mean, we do have to write the next poem ... Loved this.

    1. Brendan, thanks for a lovely comment as usual. TB is the one who works all the magic, he's got a very special way with words, I try mostly not to ruin his rhyming patterns.


      I do love the conversations we have.

  4. "She is
    Trapped in a poem."

    Those two lines popped out... Maybe because of the duality of their meaning. To be trapped in a piece of writing can be a wonderful thing, or a terrifying one... depending on the piece.


  5. Collaboration, writing partnerships and group support has always been fundamental to poetic endeavour. It is heartening to see it at work here. The rapport between poets is very touching.

  6. Well this seemed like the collaborations of lovers rather than fellow poets to me-- and poetry as a means of communication-- it seems to have worked ! Thanks, Kenia. Karin at http ://Manicddaily.wordpress.com

  7. "He knows what I don't say." What a perfect line! Love these poems!

  8. Seeing this, i believe that true love can exist. Thanks for it

  9. Wow , what a collaboration ... kudos

  10. Fascinating and simply brilliant!

  11. awesome write; each phase as intriguing as the one before, i luv the use of images to show the helplessness of the communicator

    much love...

  12. OMG This is really creative (and romantic!)

  13. You are so good....I really loved these. I also enjoyed listening to the spoken word versions, splendidly read. Yeah....just love it. The collaborative effort paid off in spades.

  14. Love your voices--a definite addition to the fine poetry! Love the caughing in the two ditties befoe "the reader." LOVE "The Reader." (I first read "means of REproach. It's a good thing I read it again!)

  15. This a beautiful collaboration in poetry and spoken word...oh, an in art! I love the last stanza in The Writer.

  16. I've read this a few times already, and will no doubt be back to read it - and listen - again...
    What a wonderful entry.

  17. What a clever idea! Very good. We often don't say what we mean or hear what is said. I love words following like vapor.