Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - Already thrown

Listen to the full EP by clicking here

:: Left to fate - TB

The over-pleasant lassitude
Has eaten away at him,
Resulting in the desuetude
Of the once tended-to fields of his mind.

His mind, his nemesis.
His thoughts, a labyrinth.
Better wait up for Lady Luck to reappear,
Dressed in her alluring, seductive, diaphanous gown.

The ephemeral joys of deciding for himself
Are soon plucked away by the deft fingers of fate.
She loves me, she loves me not.
Toss a coin. Tails says nothing changes.

He thought he’d been prescribed the elixir of life.
He’d obviously picked up the wrong bottle
And then spun it in the wrong direction,
A sign maybe, a harbinger of doom perhaps.

:: Binding forces - KC

I know fate very well.
When I was young
we were best friends and
fate taught me to read star maps.
It sat in my classroom once and
devoured all the books I recommended.
Fate is a memory
buried under an ancient stone statue
on the top of Mt. Nemrut.
Fate is a jerk.
Fate kisses like a girl.
Fate has me wrapped 
around his finger.
Fate is pro naturist.
Fate makes me sing.
Fate is so smart.

I search fate in bed
in the middle of the night
but it's destiny I spoon with.
Destiny plays with my curls.
Destiny and I don't talk much.
except in the mirror before
we leave for work.


- TB's official house  is Under the Toadstool. I'm so used to his company already it will be awful when he leaves. 
- "Fate without destiny" is and idea derived from the Chinese concept of Yuanfén.  For some time, I've believed I'm destined to loneliness. (Sad sad panda)
- These poems are shared with The Real Toads
- Kensi 'n' Tom EP original photo and artwork by TB.


  1. Fate is a trickster just like Lady Luck.

  2. the personification works so well here ~

  3. luv the first movement which shows life to be more than a gamble, and the second movement resonates a strong sense of get up and go, Interesting

    much love...

  4. I love your descriptions of relationships with fate and destiny.

  5. Love how you have given life to destiny and fate. May your sweet destiny stay true. :-)

  6. I love "but it is destiny I spoon with." This collaboration is very cool to read, and wonder about.

  7. I like both these, and the artwork. I particularly like the changing tone of your fate and destiny poem.

  8. OMG now I have just listened to the EP. Love it, love it, what a fantastic collaboration. And how ironic that is!

  9. Amazing piece and love the readings...You are both so talented!

  10. You have explored an interesting contrast between fate an destiny. I like your innovative listing.