Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Anatomy Lesson - Juan Manuel Roca

We were given the body
To have our enemy nearer,
To watch him
So he doesn’t have time
To hide behind a tree
And wait for us to go by.
We were given the body
So that between him and us
There would be no mined ground
Or ambushes.
We were given it without asking,
Like the prince got the throne,
So he couldn’t
Mix wine with poison
Without abdicating his kingdom.
Later was the imposition
Of the habit of going with the body
All over the place,
Of having a bath with it
To avoid the surprise
Of a dagger flash behind the curtain.
We constructed the habit
Of following the body’s steps
And setting it the trap of the mirror,
Of not leaving it alone
Not even when it sleeps.
We were given the body
To have our enemy nearer.


  1. Some people do look a little more appeasing to the killers of the world, but we can't hide from all of that because there is so much more wonderful things out there to explore than the killers lurking in the shadows.

  2. this echoes something medieval, but not northern European - more Italian or Persian in flair and flavor ~