Sunday, January 18, 2015


They remind me I'm breakable.

That I had ten months of allergies and 
occasional fever because 
you and I had an argument once,

that I couldn't smile for weeks,
that I lost a language because
after you leaving

why would I ever speak again,
who would I talk to?
That I fell down twice and

sprained one foot at a time
in forty days last year,
because you're in town,

and it's just a matter of hours.
We attract each other, they say.
They fear for me, my comrades.


  1. I must, then, be one of your comrades. I fear for those who feel so deeply that their emotions take a physical toll. Perhaps because I have been one such myself...

  2. We all have weaknesses and our comrades, if they are good ones, easily help us hide those flaws. At least mine do.