Friday, January 16, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - Marmalade Sandwich

Listen to the EP below

:: Marmalade stains - TB

The descent of grace continued
Trickling into his teacup.
Another runner was on its way,
Down the all-to-familiar slopes of his rosy-red cheeks.
He’d wanted so much to be recognised,
To be idolised for his finer spirit,
Never sure exactly how and when,
Waiting for the day, someday.
Unfulfilled relationships, unfinished books, unfulfilled promises,
You name them, he’d had them.
They stained every corner of every page.

:: Marmalade stains - KC

He dwelt among
inspiration, aspirations,
arguments,  reorientation
outlined paths to collective
views of urgent achievements
and instant pleasure
feeding others' egos
and improving their
desires of grandeur
while neglecting his own,
colleagues would say.
But anyone who hadn't walked past his door 
too hurriedly to have
a good glimpse of him
sitting with students' tests and essays at his desk, 
wifey's marmalade sandwich lying aside untouched
could have delivered a different opinion.


- TB is usually found Under the Toadstool, but I do love when he visits and always wish he stayed.
- These poems are shared with The Real Toads
- Kensi 'n' Tom EP art by Kenia Cris
- The creation process of 'marmalade stains' involved constrained writing. TB came up with the idea to write about a character and so he set the scene: a retiring professor with a marmalade sandwich on his table. 
- Writing with TB feels as if I had my own Queneau. <3


  1. This was an amazing aural experience. Another unique collaboration.

  2. Nice collaborative work you have here. I for one really enjoy marmalade sandwiches, and there used to be a teddy bear I knew that liked them just as much when I was growing up. Either that or the bear's name was Marmalade.

  3. well written this!!

  4. i enjoyed both. left me in limbo embracing the abstract

  5. A delicate choice.. the stains or the gains, with a marmalade sandwich at stake.. :-)

  6. The choices that must be made. The things that are left sitting aside in order to reach for more... or at least, it feels that way.

  7. It is all about the choices we make in life isn't it? A wonderful and deep view into a life here Kenia.

  8. I will have to come back and listen to these--but I am awash in these --really well done!

  9. Fantastic! Amazing in poetry and voice. "The descent of grace continued Trickling into his teacup." Love that line. The ending to your poem speaks so well that giving and encouraging accomplishment is truly success.