Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Come on a Sunday
to challenge the house noises
and hide me in your chest,
let's read each other's eyes, 
let's waltz in our private silence.
Calm down the death of roads
that can only lead to 
burning desires,
spell togetherness in 
imaginary languages.
Prepare me for uncertainty,
for the prevalence
of the ephemeral,
for letting go of
the memories we are making,
of the taste of existing around you
that will linger in my mouth
if we ever part.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Saying it

The space between us doesn't change
whether yours or my ruler is used to measure it,
but the jump into reality,
to go from centimeters to kilometers,
that can draw us farther apart.

Lao-Tzu said all we need is
to take a single step for
the longest of journeys to be started.
Will it count as a first step,
if I say it out loud?

I've been thinking about you and 
how wonderful it would be if we 
could repeat the laughter, the music, 
the moon into each other's arms anytime.

Let's order Chinese today, 
I'll do the cooking tomorrow. 

Forgive me for my quirks, 
my randomness, 
my lack of words.

I want to wake up beside you for the rest of my life. 

I know, I'm also afraid. 
But that will leave if you hold me close.


Growing up I had a
jewelry box where
I kept a collection of
stones instead of pearls.
I can only begin to explain
why I save your sounds.