Monday, July 28, 2014

Ceci n'est pas un homme

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the prodigious man in the top hat
prepare to be diverted, for tonight he will perform
his most infamous trick.

Now even if you look closely,
you will see no rabbit -
Rest assured  it's not there.
I myself have been inside it once,

took the hat for the magician's heart,
ended up in a room in the devil's mind.
Do not be foolished by the many pictures
I have painted of him before, out of love and devotion.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the spectacular man in the top hat
behold his elegantly fabricated smile,
before he vanishes through the hole in the hat.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

The incog silences of green

I trusted the incog silences of green
to tell the story of how our lives
were interwoven
much before this encounter.

There was nothing about it in the sky,
this which draws us close,
they weren't our names
written on the tree trunks.

Still I find you where the sky begins,
you find me where the chaos ends.
You see, there is a line of ants
that collects our pieces together

with the fallen leaves.
Whoever crosses a forest
carrying someone else's heart to a secure place
has the right to the sun in the clearing.

(The incog silences of green is the title of one of my photo projects that can be seen here)
(Shared with The Real Toads)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Safe distance

History teaches me that
before we get too close
you will beat the retreat.

Before your dagger
touches my neck
and you're forced to

either look me in the eyes
or slit my throat
you will choose to

keep a safe distance.