Monday, January 26, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - Modern life, let me out

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:: Techno thunder – TB

Oogledy googledy goo,
face booking, snap chatting. 
What’s appening in here?
I C Q Ing for the next one,
I pod iPad iPhone
I’m sad at home.
Look at the beautiful blue skype. 
Yahoo ooo,
I’m getting there eventually.
Lycos, like this, unlike this,
Thee usual for the internet explorer.
Asking jeeves to show you the door.

:: Stream lines - KC

KC can't tell for sure if she is awake.

KC is too tired to put on makeup today and therefore is wearing her zombie face for work.

KC is listening to The Evpatoria Report.

KC is feeling selfish.

KC won't share her people.

KC is counting up to ten (seven times).

KC is eating carrot cake.

KC wishes she had more time to write.

KC has a sore throat.

KC is sure someone somewhere keeps a voodoo doll of her.

KC is having a day full of emptiness.

KC wishes she had a space to disappear.

KC is reading Ready Player One.

KC liked the photo of a baby dressed in a blue monster costume.

KC is ready to be a mother.

KC's next tattoo will say: but surely tomorrow. #Beckett #WaitingForGodot

KC is feeling grinchy.

KC has a Skype meeting tonight and would like to know what time 20:00 GMT +1 reads in Brazil.

KC's hair looks like grown-up Simba's mane today. #badhairmonth #hakunamatata #TheLionKing

KC is thankful Google and Facebook bots read her poems. #webcrawlerlove

KC thinks she's dying today.

KC survives.

KC is wondering if the other person's silence becomes our own after some time.

KC has gone for a ride down memory lane. She'll be back later.

KC knows it's too late to join NASA.

KC doesn't like existing on Friday evenings.

KC can't sleep.

KC is wishing upon stars that won't fall.

KC now knows it takes no more than two hours sleep to make a nightmare.

KC's chances of falling on the street today are 1.000.000:1. #heavyrain

KC is visiting the online photography archive of The Library of Congress.

KC should probably spend less time with faces of the past and find a face in the present to look at.

KC finds a face in the present. It rarely smiles.

KC still finds it a nice, calming face to look at. 


- TB has a house Under the Toadstool and another one in my heart. I'm always hoping he moves permanently inside me.
- These poems are shared with The Real Toads
- Kensi 'n' Tom EP original photo and artwork by TB.


  1. I don't really treat the modern day as if it is any different because embracing the new helps develop a person. There are some days where I don't like to be around technology, but those days are few in between when I'm writing.

  2. What a wonderful rant on technology. and I so wish you would put it on soundcloud :-) I love the tools though.. and such a great way to meet people from all around the world.

  3. very clever, very witty, i enjoyed very much

    Have a nice Tuesday
    much love...

  4. Thanks for introoducing me to this album, these artists. The songs remind me of early Laurie Anderson, so I like them a lot--at least the first two I listened to. So I'd like to hear how you would read/chant your own poem. Which reads like a Becket play! No surprise. But, it has a happier ending, suggesting less half-life and more survival. Bravo.

  5. TB's poem made me smile, and Kenia.. yours touches that painful, poignant spot of loneliness that so much reaching out on social media will never fill.

    KC is wondering if the other person's silence becomes our own after some time.

    Since my initials are also KC, your lines feel like they could have been taken from my own thoughts.

  6. As much as technology can be a form of is also in some ways a limitation. Love how you captured that here Kenia. :-)

  7. I love the techno-cacophony of the first poem! Really nicely rendered.

  8. You two play off of one another very well. I alwYs love coming her!!!!😎😎

  9. Such a beautiful back and forth! Great stuff!

  10. I love this brilliant thing!

  11. The first made me smile and the second one drew me in and made me see myself a bit too.