Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - Exposed to the elements

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:: Future told - TB

What will the weather be tomorrow?
Happiness set against violet clouds.
Misery reflected by the sea.
Anguish languishing in the eye of a hurricane.

What will the weather be tomorrow?
Warm days broken up by scattered showers.
Mild nights. Threat of storms.
No exceptional warmth.

:: June showers - KC

I was born on a cold rainy morning in June 1978
the first images recorded on my retina
were those of my mother's face
and nimbus clouds.

As a baby,  rain tunes were
the only thing to calm me down.
As an adult, I can always count on them
to soothe my mood.

Growing up I would always cover my ears
in the shower moving my body to and fro
to create my own rain-like songs.
I still do.


- TB's official house  is Under the Toadstool,  but I do think he matches my walls. 
- These poems are shared with The Real Toads
- Kensi 'n' Tom EP original photo and artwork by KC.
- I'm in permanent state of delight.


  1. There is much sorrow in watching the rain, but there is some enlightenment that comes from it just as well. The rain brings with it dreary gray sky, and rainbows of delight. There is always a pot of gold on the other side of that raindrop window.

  2. I've not been writing, but did think, while driving last week (a thousand mile round trip) through the Sonoran desert during a torrent about rain, and a pen nearly came to mind; but I was driving, and it slipped away. Perhaps it will puddle again, now that I'm stationary for a couple days, and have *this* to reflect on. Your (and T's) work is a good reminder, K ~

  3. Beautiful series of weather poetry. I too find rain a comfort, the sound is indeed music that soothes the soul.

  4. I would say that there is rain and rain.. the pitter-patter of a summer rain can be so soothing but relentless rain in autumn is another matter.

  5. surely its there are rain lovers and there are not

    nice write

    much love...

  6. your funny... amazing how things go through life with us

  7. Lovely collaboration. Tom's "weather report" is great - matches moods well. If I did a weather report on my winter this year, everyone would cry, LOL!! Kenia, the thought of what was etched on your little corneas from the moment of birth brought a tear to my eye. Lovely. Amy

  8. enjoying this partnership!

  9. The comfort of rain and the hope of the rainbow live in your words~

  10. Yes, we June babies of the southern hemisphere are comfortable in the cold but it doesn't rain here in winter. (Not much in summer either.)

    I love the way you have personalized the weather in your poem - I love to think of you making your own music in the shower.

  11. There is something soothing to the soul about rain. Love this Kenia! :-)

  12. Two exquisite takes on rain…