Saturday, January 10, 2015

All of this is hypothetical

As if there could be
a world
where a man couldn't rely
in the sense of sight to
know things.

He does this:
he wakes up
and immediately tucks his head
under the blanket
to be sure everything is on its place -

his toes still count ten,
he is still a man,
there's no evidence of a
third nipple.

He eats the news for breakfast
trying to remember days when
the food was tastier.
He walks to work
reading people on the streets,
graffiti on walls,
watching  for cracks on sidewalks
he could fall through, better be safe.

He is now part of the things
his eyes have captured,
they are part of him as well -
children's smiles, war tanks,
cirrus clouds.

But me he doubts.

Been thinking about maybe
improving my knowledge
of political science.
Maybe learning a few jokes.
Maybe challenging
the altitudes of existing.


  1. Your words always slip through the cracks in my armour, Kenia, and find their way to my heart.

  2. Such emotion and imagery of a city in need of something fresher than just the air that surrounds it.