Monday, January 20, 2014


there is a word in China
for us,
I've learned it recently.

a word for our souls meeting,
for our paths detouring,
fate without destiny.

enough we beat up
all the odds
when you got onto

that bus and
made it to the place
by my side.

it took me ten years
to find you, but only
six months to lose you.


(Shared with dVerse Poets)


  1. aw. The poem is the definition? All that Love and patience and loss in one word!

  2. bitter sweet on how long it took to happen...and then how quickly that can all go away....
    what a word as well...yuánfèn. predeterminism is a hard concept to wrap the head around a bit...

  3. oh this is so sad.....met by change and been searching so long for them...then lost so quickly... hey...i was hoping for a happy end...smiles...

  4. Fate without destiny - an interesting concept. What an interesting word. Sad that the poem does not end with destiny, however.

  5. This is a marvelous poem.. and what an idea... all languages contain those words that can never be translates... and that last stanza is breathtaking

    a-z of love

  6. Expanding the word into a poem works well - a new word for me. (If you were try to meet all 7 billion people in the world over your lifetime you would have less than half a second to meet and greet each one!)

  7. was hoping for a happy end too... love the simplicity/directness of this poem

  8. So much emotion beautifully packed in a tiny package. A very moving poem.

  9. i especially love enough we beat up the odds. so true in my life and habits. fate without destiny is fabulous too. cool piece.

  10. Is there really such a word ~ What a loss, so sad ~ Good to see you at D'verse ~

  11. Anonymous1/22/2014

    this captured those people who pass through our loves and lives like a summer's breeze

  12. Anonymous1/22/2014

    this ranges deep past melancholy, into wisdom. powerful. ~

  13. How sad, a fulfillment dashed in such a short space of time! It happens in most surprising ways in most instances! Nicely Kenia!


  14. What a powerful word that creates a beautifully sad poem. Nice write :-)

  15. Sad and lovely. I just signed up to follow your blog :)