Friday, January 31, 2014

The lamplighter

to go through the streets of Bonne
at night holding nobody's hand.

I do not envy you, lovers,
curled around one another's bodies

a hundred years of good deeds
distributed in God knows how many lives

to bring you to share the same pillow,
to rest your fears in the same dream.

but I move stealthitly through
the quiet neighborhood

putting off the spark of hundreds of stars
for you, by lighting the streetlamps

then maybe I do.

(Shared with the Imaginary Garden)


  1. Some wonderful lines in this lovely poem, Kenia ... "holding nobody's hand" ... "to rest your fears in the same dream" ... I love it.

  2. The sound play is exquisite, Kenia and I love the solace yet connected outlook in your character's perspective. And you KNOW that I adore your lines about the stars...perfect ending, truly.

  3. wonderful write... you had me right in the scene feeling the whole mood....

  4. The envy of lovers has to grow in the night with star light. I like.

  5. Such a beautiful sets a mood of love