Tuesday, January 28, 2014

To love him in his sounds

It still feels
like a song, even when
it is not

even when it's
a laughter, or silence, or
the sound of

a busy street
my feet won't touch, he
wants to share.


  1. Love him in his sounds ... yes.

  2. you've become a lune-tic now, haven't you? :)

    something about that final line - a busy street / my feet won't touch ~

  3. A sweet love poem. I'm glad to see you write this.

    I've decided to become one of your groupies (something I seldom do but something about your poetry touches me that way) Now you have 11!

    1. Do you mean I'm not always this sweet, Mr. Stormcat? lol

      I'm honored to have you following me around. Hope you never stop being touched by the things you see here.


  4. This form is simultaneously soothing enticing. You manage to use just the right words to convey an intimacy.