Friday, January 17, 2014

A cat on the roof

I once met a man
with multiple lives,
say nine.

A stray cat who
happened to learn fate
traveling on big cities' roofs,

peeking into
open windows
on chaotic souls.

Scrounging neighboring garbage cans
for occasional meals of love,
granted leftovers on fortunate days

- curdled milk,
fruit and vegetable peels,
choking fish bones.

Five major turns in destiny survived
for his meowing Symphony yet to free sleeping spirits

- mine,
one of those.


  1. I love your poetry, Kenia. I come to it in anticipation and leave feeling satisfied, carrying a part of your vision with me.
    This portrait is both tender and tortured. It is true that everyone we meet leaves a mark on our own lives.

    1. You know how dear you are to me and how humbly I take your words. Thanks for stopping by and for caring. <3


  2. From the very cool and intriguing opening to the soft landing of the ending, this is a pure delight. I love it.

  3. I love the analogy at the front of this and how it allows you to carry the weight throughout the poem right off the bat. It is strange how first impressions can give us such a skewed vision of what lay before us and how time and patience and a bit of curiosity can change that in a heartbeat. Reminded me of watching The First Exotic Marigold Hotel for some reason. Great writing as always Kenia and so glad you came out!!!!

  4. enjoyed this immensely .. the theme and how the story was presented.. well done.. :)

  5. A blessed and noisy greeting, this cat, the freeloader, who gives as well as takes. Thank you for this vision of him. Could be a manifestation of God.

  6. Love where you take us with this piece. Beautifully written.

  7. this is so lovely, and reminds me of one of my very favorite children's picture books... it's called Black Cat by Christopher Myers.

  8. Anonymous1/17/2014

    I like the mystery introduced by that "say nine" turn in the first stanza and carried throughout ~

  9. Hi Kenia, I love the tales here of the city cat. Five down, four to go, huh?
    Like us, he has wasted some. Others were taken by the battle with hard knocks.

  10. This reminds me of Neruda's poem about the cat's dream, that perfect sense of self a cat has that attracts us and yet never really includes us. A very graceful and lingering mood of both beauty and sadness in this.

  11. You know about cats!

  12. Whether cat or human he seems to have been a survivor who left an impression..beautiful