Sunday, January 12, 2014

The other woman

The Passage - Elisabetta Trevisan

There is another woman I am who fears
the choices I make might compromise her own.

I want to be alone with my thoughts,
she sings in the shower.

I eat my vegetables,
she orders a pizza.
I walk barefoot around the house,
she spends a small fortune on shoes
I read Bukowski,
she quotes Jane Austen.

I have stage fright,
she recites poems.

I work overtime
she falls in love.

(Shared with Toads)


  1. Such an interesting dichotomy, and true that there are times we barely recognize ourselves. I'm not sure which of Elisabetta's artworks inspired this piece - perhaps the last one - but you have shown what it means to exist as a woman.

  2. Anonymous1/12/2014

    These two are sisters of one being -- I suspect the poet will find a way to reconcile the two.

  3. I believe there are many parts of us, each conflicting & sending us off in different directions ~ I would think that the last imagery spoke to you, The Passage~ Thanks for writing and linking up with Real Toads ~ Its good to see you back in the garden ~


  4. I think I know this person/ these people! Yes, it's either a partnership or a war to the death--I still can't tell, but we seem to be stuck with it. This is very well conceived and executed to echo the dichotomy of the image.

  5. I like how you interpreted the picture as one woman with different sides. It happens, one day we feel one way, the next we can take ourselves in a totally different direction.

  6. the tension in palatable

  7. Are you a Gemini, by any chance, like me?

    1. Yup, a Gemini. lol You know the feeling, right?! <3

  8. I love how you wrote about the two sides of most of us.

  9. Anonymous1/12/2014

    wry and perceptive ~

  10. I can relate to this. Very insightful write.

  11. I know there are women who aren't like this, but I only know one or two. The rest of us are always fighting against our better instincts, or our baser instincts, depending upon how we feel at any given time.
    Have I mentioned how great it is to have you writing with the Toads again?

  12. Neat guess about Gemini above, though I am a Cancer and feel the same dual (at least) nature. The painting shows two, but they could be one, two, or many more. I love how you capture this.

  13. ah! the ironies that reside in us

  14. Yes, you capture the image perfectly in words, Kenia. The peacock strutting reminds me of the lines in which your character fearlessly recites poetry. I love the back and forth with contrasting concepts.