Thursday, January 30, 2014

Letters to the man in my future #1

My love,

if you see me in bed with the Turk,

if he speaks too close to my breasts
and I seem entertained by his words,

if he plays with my curls
and I compliment his moustache,

If our minds seems to merge
and our worlds on request,

Know he is also an insomniac.
In the small dark hours

all we have is our share of loneliness.

(The Turk being Nazim Hikmet, a favorite poet of mine)

(Letters to the man in my future is a series of epistle poems I'm writing to an imaginary man I hope is coming my way from somewhere)


  1. I love it. You know.

  2. Anonymous1/30/2014

    I am looking forward to the series. This is a piquant pen ~

    1. Well thanks for the adjective. I feel the letters will have a rather different tone than that my regular writing carries.


  3. Easily misinterpreted by all involved, you know. Those who stay have value ...

  4. ooo la la. Perhaps I should change my origin from Bohemia to Turkey. But too late I guess you already have a Turk.

    1. lol. Nazim Hikmet made me want to write. <3

      If I get a lover from Bohemia I still have to think of a way to explain him (you) to the man in my future.

      Now let's see...