Thursday, January 23, 2014


there is another kind of courage.
that of walking down the aisle
listening to hundreds of years of tradition
before and behind you
to make a commitment to an idea of future
you've envisioned since you were little
when tomorrow is rather vague.

there is another kind of talent.
that of raising children to be an extension
of your very self in this wonderful,
bewildering world,
who will be able to never get lost,
to always find the way back home
knowing they might not.

I wish your path had chosen me.

(To my friend Corina, who thinks I'm so brave and so talented doing my job, when that's actually all I can make.)


  1. It`s terrific! How can you "play" with words...This poem is so deep...It`s beautiful!

  2. Lovely poem. Marriage is a big commitment ... it does take courage :)