Thursday, December 18, 2014

Strangers IV

Dear Stranger,

I would tell you
the stories behind the neon letters
if you couldn't guess.
Something tells me you do.

Have you ever visited
the space between two words
in a poem? Try me here,
there is enough room

for the thoughts on your mind
and the questions you don't ask
because they would get lost on
the way from your window to mine.

I talked to someone last night
who couldn't sleep either.
He had a cigarette and watched
the empty loneliness of the streets.

I was the one who waved.
Would you have waved back?
Will you,


  1. The space between two words can hold a lot of meaning!

  2. I liked the lines "for the thoughts on your mind / and the questions you don't ask" because I often wonder if I have asked enough questions to know an answer. Sometimes it is hard to determine.

    1. Kenn, I'm going to reply this comment and your poem with a new one, ok? I'm writing it right now.


  3. Hard to resist this invitation to meet--or at least to look up!

  4. Anonymous12/20/2014

    picked the same lines as Kerry. that space is never empty, is it? ~