Saturday, December 27, 2014

Something about strong women

They weave personal experiences
into tapestry.
Pain and joy,
two sets of interlaced threads.

The first, running parallel to
the woman's length;
the second, running parallel
to her width.

They choose tapestry
because it is weft-faced weaving.
All the warp threads
are hidden in the completed work,

for the sake of stability.

(A found poem sort of for my soul sister Kerry, because she always knows what I mean.)


  1. Anonymous12/27/2014

    Sounds like the voice of a strong woman wrote this. This is amazing, Kenia. I am always awed by your depth in one so young.

    1. Thank you Debi. <3

      I adore Kerry, there are very few real women in the world I look up to, she is one of them. I'm always wishing we lived in the same city at least.

      Kiss. <3

  2. I know what you mean. My sister lives out west - a long way from me. Thank goodness for phones, email and facebook : )

  3. Ah, this is amazing, Kenia. Thank you! Your voice reaches me so clearly from across the Atlantic Ocean, I sometimes feel you have taken up your pen and written on my behalf. You have a unique way of capturing human experience and expressing it in terms your readers can relate to.

    I am thrilled by the image of the tapestry in this poem, especially the past few lines which show how the warp threads are hidden for stability.


  4. Wonderful new way for me to appreciate tapestry--mine, others and actual tapestry itself.

  5. It is very true that strong women tend to weave their strengths and weaknesses into one whole picture. There is a sense of stability in the idea that a strong person can live with both their strengths and weaknesses in harmony. Really great weaving of words Kenia as always! :)