Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas morning

I wake up from dreaming
We still go to the same places.

We are now friends with different people
who will avoid confrontation
who won't stand for a challenge.

Your eyes search my stillness for discomfort
- there was never an answer
you couldn't draw out from my body -

my shoulders scream
I'm mad at you for parting
I'm mad at myself for waiting.

My knees confess
I wish you walked toward me
And occupied all the empty spaces.


  1. Beautiful and true.
    Happy Holidays in the present.

  2. I think Christmas is a day to miss those you love, even those who have hurt you. I felt this poem in my bones, Kenia.

    I imagine you are experiencing as hot a day as I am but I hope it is a festive one shared with your loving family.

    1. Kerry, it's 30 degrees Celcius in town today, I have had so much ice cream I start to regret. We're sitting in the yard looking at photos of the Christmases past, the neighbors are loud, we can hear them sing and laugh over the wall.

      I guess you are right, it is a day to miss people we love.

      Sending you my best wishes of the merriest of Christmas. <3

  3. Definitely full of emotion as always Kenia, but I love those last two lines. I can't count how many times I've spotted someone out, among the hundreds that are in the crowd, and wished that person would embrace me in a hug. Just a simple hug. Nothing more. Unfortunately nowadays this isn't something that happens every day due to people being so insecure. The reaction most people get now is one of confusion when someone randomly hugs another. Trust me, every year I wish to have a special someone with me on Christmas, but that is one present that Santa just can't deliver on his own.

  4. my knees confess

    love that line ~