Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It's all been written, Tom
if not by God,
at least by Mark Twain:

two souls with but a single thought -
you and I were meant to meet
down our very own Meadow Lane.

I would lead a life of crimes
with no one else.


  1. Anonymous12/16/2014

    Delightful, Kenia

  2. I'll be honest and say that I was half expecting some kind of adventurous poem when I read the title, but what you have here is simply... delightful. The one promise at the end, or pact as it were, definitely describes my relationship with my writing. I would break poetry laws if given the chance, just because I know that there really are no rules when it comes to writing poetry. Those last two lines also made me think of a promise Tom and Huck would make with one another. :)

    1. The adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of my favorite children books. I'm glad you know the story because this is a poem for people who have read it at some point in life.

      After finishing 'Pirates' I spent some extra minutes looking at it and thought: "you know what, these lines would make a hell of a wedding vow." :))))))) I do find the pact between Tom and Jon and the those two and Huck afterwards a delight.

      I'm sure you have had people in your life with whom you created a secret language, a universe of your own. If you haven't, be patient, they will come to you.

      I bring people who become special to me to live with me inside books. I have already lived in 'Where the wild things are', 'The Little Prince', 'Waiting for Godot', '1984', 'Lord of the flies', 'Brave New World' and just recently 'Tom Sawyer'.

      I know nothing about poetry, Kenn. I haven't been formally taught poetry, I can't get meter (I find it way too boring), I can't stick to form poetry (I suck at math, can't count syllables), I can't write Haiku because I do not have the required calmness in the eyes.

      A friend of mine suggested (after studying my blog) that I have created a set of rules to myself and they are my only law. Sometimes I think he's right.