Friday, December 5, 2014

Finding Mr. Paperman

I'm searching for
notorious Mr. Paperman.
I'm in possession of a message
to be delivered forthwith.

Mr. Paperman 
who traveled places in the wind, 
who lived in drawers, pockets and jewelry boxes,
whose best friends are named 2H and 6B.

Mr. Paperman
who is beautiful beyond the surface, 
who does not fear getting old and yellow,
whose pet peeve is people who do not finish sentences.

Mr. Paperman
who is a one-of-a-kind sheet,
who can't sleep because of a coffee stain addiction,
whose heart lies between his lines.

Mr. Paperman
who is scared of giant erasers,
who is fond of getting tickled by paintbrushes, 
whose most honest passion is the sea.

Mr. Paperman 
who fought a war against an army of mechanical pencils,
who has got folding marks,
whose childhood dream was to be a paper plane.

Mr. Paperman! My dear sir,
what a difficult man to find!
I bring you a heartfelt message
from My Lady Kensington:

T, I am goofy and emotional
I have the silliest of eyes.
I am random and oftentimes confusing,
will you help me read you right?


  1. Ah, this is sheer delight, Kenia. You have given me cause to smile on an otherwise awful day, and I thank you.

  2. Sheer delight is right! Loved the dream of being a paper plane.

  3. Indeed.. that paperman who tries to capture coffee stains and dream of being a paper-plan.