Friday, December 26, 2014


The reason why I very seldom
see you in dreams is simple:
I have little of you to build on.
We beat the odds walking side
by side on that beach in Kent,
I wish I could go back. But
it seems the mind makes the whole
dream-making thing random.
It's been a long time I learned
algorithm. Languages have
changed significantly since then.


  1. Language has definitely changed a lot over the years. Know how many times I hear people say the false word "ain't." Till this day I still can't believe Webster allowed that god forsaken word into the dictionary. Also, people are so shrewd in conversation nowadays. What I mean by this is that people hide behind their computer screens, and when they actually come into physical contact with someone they can't even hold their own in real time conversation. Really scary where this world is going.

  2. love the line breaks, especially

    it seems the mind makes the whole/ dream-making thing random ~