Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - Peace then pieces

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:: Thirty-three and one third - TB

33 1/3 revolutions per minute,
In his home,
Listening to, thinking about
Dylan’s Revolution in the air.

70 heartbeats per minute,
Rising to 100,
Reading through, thinking about
Injustice, violence and suffering.

10 blinks per minute,
71 by the President,
Informing and then telling
Everything is going be OK.

4000 steps per day,
Rising to 10,000
Walking over, then resting on
Old ground.

:: War footage - KC

It's beyond late
when in a dream
I get war footage of
your neighborhood's
exploding buildings and
smoky streets,
I am mad at you already
for not keeping your promise.

All of a sudden
you come into the picture
dressed in your
stepmotherland's colors,
trying to make your way
through the crowd.

A tall man blocks your
passage, whispers
something in your ear
and kisses your cheeks
before you disappear.

In the e-mail you say
you've been thinking about
leaving the city and that, maybe,
we should consider working
for the Ringling Brothers,
now they are ending their
elephant acts.

You could be a fire eater,
I could be a lion tamer,
or we could both be
smartly funny clowns.
I wake up crying
for it's beyond late.

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