Sunday, March 1, 2015


Your discomfort with my words
imposes me a pattern:

I must not speak of love
I must not say your name
I must not tell my wishes
all in the same poem.

This has to be the
most hurtful of constraints.


  1. Yes. Especially for a poet who taps the heart every time she picks up her pen.

    1. If it had happened a couple of years ago, this is the kind of thing that would have gotten me to stop writing, you know. It got me really upset. But this is not the energy I want to bring into my life. I like writing very much, I write to remember and even things that makes us sad give us a thought worth thinking through. Thanks for a lovely comment. <3

  2. I am glad it is not a couple years ago, because I for one would feel a tremendous loss if your pens stopped appearing, though I am sorry for what has caused this ~

  3. Normally I think constraints improve our writing .. but this time I must say it would be rather difficult to write.