Friday, February 13, 2015


A fourteen-year-old
eyed me unblinkinly
around the classroom today,
as if instead of his plump,
clumsy English teacher,
I were one of the ballerinas
of the Royal Ballet,
flying over the desks
in a grand jeté, 
and offered me a hug
in the end of the class,
for he was carrying
no bouquet.

The art of walking upright here
is the art of using both feet.

One is for holding on.
One is for letting go. 

~ Allen Curnow 


  1. You capture the spontaneous gesture of appreciation and love so well, Kenia. One of my students brought me a yellow rose today.


  2. :). I'd like to imagine my sons doing this ~

    1. I'd like to imagine your sons being close with their teachers, Michael, though I know in some parts of the world it's not advised or permitted. My students kiss me hello and goodbye everyday, no matter how old they are. :)