Sunday, February 15, 2015

Never enough to write

Aşkim I've kept the letters.
I read them once a year.
Still wonder what to do
when the paper gets
too fragile to be handled,
when my mind gets
too weakened to remember.
I like to imagine you kept
your promise to never forget me
and I was on your mind
during the earthquake,
you touched a memory of us
and it helped you not to be afraid.
Was there enough time
to run to the kitchen and
get my heart from
the old coffee can
inside your cabinet?
Where have you hidden it
after that?

(This is a poem abou a deceased love. I revisit his memory every Valentine's, you remember him from this poem last year)


  1. Agh--this is a beautiful but terribly painful poem, Kenia. The details are so well-chosen and genuine, and so very moving. Thanks for participating, thanks for the beautiful poem. K.

    1. Thank you Karin. He's actually one of my happiest memories. I guess it's the circumstances that make the poem painful. I allow myself to indulge in such painful happiness just once a year. Kiss. <3

  2. Anonymous2/16/2015

    like to imagine you kept
    your promise never to forget me
    and I was on your mind
    during the earthquake,
    you touched a memory of us
    and it helped you not to be afraid...........An exquisite poem though very sad.

  3. To have those memories and keeping them through the darkness, I guess that what's changes it all. Wonderful writing here.

  4. Oh Kenia, this is so poignant. It touches me.

  5. This is very moving. Such a big loss. I especially love your heart kept in the old coffee can. Beautifully written, Kenia.

  6. ohhh... i have letters, now lost actually, but i remember them, from a passed love, too. i really can feel this. xo

  7. How wonderful that you have the letters! (And, from the glimpse you give us, such beautiful letters.) Like Marian's, mine are gone; there was an enforced parting shortly before the unexpected death, during which time I destroyed them. That was 30 years ago. But yes, I too remember.

  8. … what a grand idea, to indulge once a year. really liked the reference to when the paper gets fragile…

  9. gorgeous, and your strength is remarkable ~