Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - Happily miserable

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:: Grumpiness - TB

Smile he never does.
Smile he never wants.
And you think a smile it was.
It’s more likely to have been a grimace.  Smiling has been a while for him.
It’s like idle chatter.
Speak purposefully.
No time to natter.
Smile what for?
Smile I don’t want to.
Smile it’s a chore.
Smile, no thank you.

:: Being Eleanor Rigby - KC

I tried it many times.
The diary thing.

Then I noticed lonely days
repeated themselves
in a frequency I didn’t want to think of,
a frequency I didn’t want people to find out
because everybody feels sorry for the lonely people.

Even The Beatles did.
They came up with Eleanor Rigby. Poor thing.

See what I’m doing here?
I’m feeling sorry for her.
I’m feeling sorry for the poor woman
despite the fact she might have only been a name
someone picked for a fictitious character in a song.

I don’t fully believe it though.

I don’t because she has the looks of many people
I see on the streets everyday
trying to go invisible in the crowd
they have the same taste for clothes,
the same haircut,
they walk at the same pace,
they all have Eleanor's
and my face.

I could be Miss Rigby if I weren’t so loud.


-  Mr. Grumpy Crayfish (a.k.a. TB)'s official residence is Under the Toadstool
- These poems are shared with The Real Toads.
- Kensi 'n' Tom EP original artwork by KC.


  1. T's encomium to M. Grump is something to behold. Your ode to ER carries a musical lilt, and that final hook is a killer ~

  2. Ah, poor thing. Better to be loud!!

  3. yes say i'm alone like i do, not nice people feeling sorry for the lonely people like Eleanor Rigsby, i do agree; a nice write in a quaint sort of way, i like this

    have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  4. Lots of nice thoughts aroused here, Kensi. (I'll tell you a couple of mine.)
    People never accuse me of being a grumpy person, I may be one for a day or so. In High School the kids named me "Sad Sack" because I smiled so much. Sad Sack was a cartoon featured fellow back then. I still smile a lot and are a happy person.

    If this is your personal nature writing about the diary thing, I have a suggestion (I threatened to follow my advice but have not). A friend of Mrs. Jim's, makes here mine also) kept a diary. But she only had a few volumes. She would make an entry on what ever day she felt she needed. But then the next year she would use the same book. She dated here posts, especially the year, and used her diary books over and over again. My dad did the same thing, sort of. I have kept his now. He really didn't write much. He lived in Nebraska, we in Texas. I enjoyed reading his entries leading up to and including the times of our visits with him.

    Best wishes for NaPoWriMo! I'll peek in on you. It was nice 'commenting' with you, I especially liked your today's write.

  5. two poems! after being starved for Kenia poetry and voice! The first? I know that grumpy little concession smile. The second? Many of us, from the frequency of those similar entries //the walking of the silent loners could be Eleanor Rigbys--thank God for loudness.

  6. I resonate with the faces on the street and feel many times I must wear one, unknowingly. I know I pass others who do.

  7. And you think a smile it was.
    It’s more likely to have been a grimace...

    I sometimes feel this way.. and then.. just yesterday.. I caught myself smiling for no reason at all. I think we are all inherently lonely, and the number of friends, family, acquaintances and passers-by we encounter do not really alter that basic truth.

  8. This can happen to anyone.....complacency and settling for less than happy can sneak up on us all. A great write Kenia!