Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kensi 'n' Tom - La vie dans mon ciel

Listen to the full EP by clicking here.

:: La vie dans mon ciel - TB

Spin around,
Round and round
The windmill of my mind.
Spin around the many sides of me.
A child with curiosity brimming,
The art of asking strong women
about the world, the weather, the whys.
The art of looking at the world with new eyes.

:: La vie dans mon ciel - KC

A yard,
for dogs and a tree I'll plant 
when you come into being, 
little one.
I'll watch you climb it up
and fall from it a few times,
dear sovereign to your own
before you have learned the distance
from the top to the ground
- this I cannot teach you.
But I will kiss your bruised knees,
and tell you about the persistency 
of clouds.


- TB lives Under the Toadstool and here. 
- These poems are shared with The Real Toads.
- Kensi 'n' Tom EP original photos and artwork by TB.


  1. Kenia, I just love your poem as a note to a child. There is not a wasted word, or thought that could be offered in more brilliant terms.

    Your collaborative efforts have produced art in word, picture and sound - Kudos to both artists.

    1. Kerry, you know better than anyone else how much I'd like to be a mother. La vie dans mon ciel couldn't be any other than a child.

      Thank you muchly for such a lovely comment. <3

  2. These are really just lovely--especially like the second--it really has a great sweetness about it, and wisdom. Fun too, but with an edge of poignancy due to the difficulties of growing up. Thanks, Kenia. (

  3. Both beautiful poems. I especially liked the end of the second one, "persistency of clouds"

  4. Anonymous3/24/2015

    It is amazing how you have written the process of learning with such ease. To learn the distance from a tree-top to the ground is a familiarity that the child will learn with practice.

    I find it wonderful that you've imagined the child to be adventurous and a silent assurance of acceptance of the child's nature.

  5. Love that persistency of clouds.. an image I prefer not to be in, but that speaks to me...

  6. You're still my favourite.