Saturday, June 21, 2014


There is a deep sea creature
living the darkest
inside me.

It's regularly seen
with my crocodile in the moat.

Sometimes I can't sleep.
I search the blackness
for the face of the monster

afraid to discover
it has
my eyes

afraid it
devours me
in a single bite.

In a dream the other night
it got so close
I nearly surrendered.

My arms and legs
so tired from the swimming.
My heart so dreadfully weak.


  1. Danger! I'm glad you survived. Eerie that it has your eyes--though it is no match for you.

  2. You opening image has incredible shock value, even now images of fish of the deep terrify me, so the thought of one such swimming in the dark realms of soul is very potent. I think of the curse of subconscious that so often troubles me in sleep, and every line of your poem resonates with me.

    1. I can always trust you to read between the lines, isn't it? That's exactly what the poem is about, the subconscious, which also so very often troubles me in sleep. I am terrified of deep sea fish as well, that's the reason why I picked the image to represent 'Id', the crocodile in the moat being superego. I have been struggling in dreams against something I can't even tell the face of, but we all know it's not the beautiful things which inhabit the dark realms of the soul. Kiss you girl. <3

    2. Thankfully Ego lies between the two extremes, and you wake to self in the morning, despite what is troubling you.