Monday, June 9, 2014

Time lapse

By sunset
he draws a line 
that crosses my chest
it goes from palm to palm - 
this is where we connect: 
below this line
we are alone.

By sunrise
the love I gave him
is not a solid enough home.
he yells,
I cry,
we speak in an alien tone,
we forget each other's skin.


  1. "below this line we are alone.."
    These lines may contain all the sorrow and solitude of the human race, Kenia. Chilling to think how easily connections may be lost or destroyed.

  2. oh
    so vivid
    and sad

  3. "a line / that crosses my chest / it goes from palm to palm" --- the echo of crucifixion is apt. these words are precise and true and devastating, as if they were incised on the back of a hand with a scalpel. what else to say?

    how alone we all are, really, though we have these little things we have made and give to each other


  4. I want to erase that line and make everything right. Powerful, graphic, and shows us what heartache is.

  5. So much of your work reminds me of Italo Calvino ~