Sunday, June 29, 2014


When the things you love
go all and each to a finger
in your right hand

and I'm left
walking in circles
on the other palm.

I skip the twists
but lose balance
on your fate line

I fall off
while tying the minor broken filaments

and fail to figure out
how exactly
our lives connect.

(Shared with the Real Toads)


  1. The enumeration of things one loves and the attempt to read a life on the palm of the hand.. both images remind me so intensely of our need to have things all figured out, to understand the inexplicable ties that bind heart to heart and what it is that snips the bonds.

  2. Aiii. What Kerry said. Beautiful and precarious. Surely the narrator's fate line is still in tact? Perhaps only the ties that bind left to left are broken?

  3. Aw Tinkerbelle, you've got such a close-up view, maybe it's hard to see from there, or maybe things are clearer, I'm not sure. Anyway, remember that should you fall, you've got wings.

  4. The puzzles of our enigmatic lives is all about cope with not understand how we connect... sometimes we just have to accept that we do..

  5. I adore that first stanza!

  6. I think this shows how "opposites attract." I once accidently put what was in my left into the bottom of a lake. I never replaced it, instead I was replaced. But then I came back when I was 'rescued' by the now Mrs. Jim.

  7. I love the fate line and how you tangled your emotions in verse~