Sunday, April 6, 2014

The amusement park when I was five

She let go of my hand
for a moment
to pay for toffee apples

and I drifted away,
my eyes chasing heights
in the Ferris Wheel.

For half an hour
I was an island
surrounded by

unfamiliar faces,
cotton candy,
vague noises

and colorful lights.

(Written for Cuyahoga County Library prompt for NaPoWrimo Day 6 and my own challenge over at the Imaginary Garden)


  1. Ever mother's nightmare and child's dream - getting lost at the fair.

  2. gosh! i know the feeling; how well you translate it from memories; so happy you stopped over at my blog; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  3. It only takes a second, and how different a second is to a child, how many impressions and feelings can be crowded into it.

  4. How dangerous to let go among all that temptations.. sounds like your time was delightful but not your mother's ...

  5. You caught that different reality of a child so well here, Kenia. I can remember feeling like this.

  6. Being lost is such a dreadful feeling...especially when its a parent and child.

  7. There is a sense of time stopping here -- just like the ferris wheel. Very well done. k.

  8. Oh, how terrifying, Kenia!! I love the comparison to an island...your work always holds a unique touch...much enjoyed!

  9. Oh, what a scary half hour. Though you don't sound too scary.

  10. what a thrill for the that comparison...

  11. Perfect! Similar experience for me & it was so scary. :)

  12. …Terrifying for a mother - yet this poem reads more of wonder than fear - were you not afraid?