Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Your face
carved in a piece of wood.

My name
alone on a tree trunk.

This is what you exchange me for:
a final ride on the merry-go-round
before the amusement park leaves town.

Your head
on a hole on the ground.

My eyes
on a dying star.

This is what you exchange me for:
a definition of love the size
and endurance of a sugar cube.

Your ears
awake in the darkest nights.

My lips
in conversations with your absence.


  1. Just love this--esp the close--their is a tender poignancy there--it just touched me

  2. You're the queen of the exit line.
    Or the last word

  3. It just doesn't make sense.. what one person is willing to exchange unconditional love for. I believe such people have the inability to give such love in return so it's easier to runaway from it.

    Your poems about love and its loss never fail to touch me on an intrinsic level of compassionate understanding.

  4. Anonymous4/03/2014

    my words are insufficient, but this is exquisite ~

  5. Aiya! Surreal and true. Eerie. Earry too!