Saturday, April 5, 2014


(image from my personal work archive)

After drawing a smiling woman
dressed in brown 
standing on long sticky legs

she turns to me
with a question
because she's six

and apparently this
is something she
wasn't supposed to seek

but I'm a teacher
and I must know
everything there is

She raises an eyebrow and asks:
How long
does a grandma last?

To which I reply:
mine lasted up to eighty-eight
but that number will fluctuate

Mine lasted up to forty 
- she says, I guess.
No! Wait! Yes... yes.


  1. You capture the child's world here, the simplicity and the ability to face things they don't understand with such devastating honesty that it forever re-frames our own adult ideas about them. Excellent writing, Kenia, simple and profound.

  2. You definitely capture the child's innocence here. Cute. Nice read.

  3. Yep, straightforward and true. Well done.

  4. How long does a Grandma last? That is so poignant, Kenia.

  5. Those are some slim legs indeed! I love the line about being a teacher and therefore knowing everything there is. I remember thinking pretty much that way as a child.

  6. o my...she's curious, sweet and honest..the stuff children are made of....

  7. Great transaction between child and adult, each needing something precious from the other -- child's wonder, teacher's truth -- both allowing a certain world to remain celebrated. Loved where you ended this, grieving yet sweet.

  8. It's such a huge responsibility to be a teacher and know everything and answer truthfully and without crushing a young heart. Beautiful poem.

  9. My son's kindergarten class fascinates me… I can see their personalities, their specific traits and idiosyncrasies already embedded in their little bodies…. and yes, they are so HONEST.

  10. That's both funny and a little sad at the same time.. Yes, kids and their questions..

  11. authentic, touching, observant ~