Thursday, April 3, 2014

A murder of crows

To come across
a murder of crows
and sit among them
to watch a soul
gain wings
and leave this world
in a storm of cries.

If you care to
account them,
they are twenty-five
indistinct voices
mourning for
a piece of life that
can't be recovered.

To walk among them
having nothing more solid
than silence
to offer in sympathy
for the painful darkness
hanging in the gaping space
left behind.

(The Cardiff & Miller Gallery in Inhotim is home for the installation 'The Murder of Crows', one of the most remarkable sound experiences I've ever had. There are ninety-eight audio speakers mounted around the space on stands, chairs and the wall designed to create a wonderful work of physical sound to recreate the experience of being inside someone's head during a nightmare. It's hauntingly beautiful and a work that inspires me deeply. I've recently come across the entire thing on Sound Cloud, here is a link for the audio, but I do hope you have the opportunity to visit the installation if it comes to your area)


  1. Very cool - it's fascinating to see the sources of inspiration I will be sure to check out the Sound Cloud recording of the Murder of Crows. Some great images here - "watch a soul grow wings..."

  2. It is not easy to express an emotional experience or the language of music into words, but you have given us a taste of this remarkable installation, and shown, too, how inspiration touches you as a poet.

  3. What an unusual experience. It obviously made it very real to you even though it was 'second-hand' in a way.

  4. This is just haunting. Nicely done.

  5. the poem has some deeply touching word pictures..i specially like 'storm of cries'....this
    is beautifully done...

  6. many murders flit through our unconscious yet, winging round the globe from one pen to the next... ~

  7. I am fascinated with crows-I will check this out! Thank you Kenia-I agree your poem haunts in the best way.

  8. The closest I can think of an experience for myself is when we go to the symphony orchestra - (we like the Pops). Anyway, sometimes I just get so CAUGHT up in the emotion of the music … all those instruments … it really can not be put to words.

    Crows are intriguing and "a storm of cries"… I will have to try and check out the site you refer to.

  9. Amazing piece.....I too think of going to hear an orchestra play...My oldest daughter plays the viola/violin and my youngest the cello. I was drawn into their music. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!!

  10. Your words, poem, is moving, evocative of fears and worries and a bit of helplessness. The soundtrack that inspired the work is actually a bit frightening!