Sunday, March 30, 2014

To the first man who left

There are things
we kept secret after
growing up and apart.

Because they were
so dear to our hearts
they became treasures.

My most painful cry still
dwells on the very corner where
you announced you were leaving.

I never watched the stars
or the city lights with anyone else
from our spot.

I visit it occasionally and
you might be glad to hear that
birds live in our place now.

Someone planted a tree there
and its undisturbed shade
reminds me of your arms.


  1. Each stanza is more achingly beautiful than the last. The secret place known only to lovers, kept in a still and tender place in the heart.

    My most painful cry still
    dwells on the very corner where
    you announced you were leaving...

    These lines really touch me, because I have felt that pain a long time ago.

  2. Anonymous3/30/2014

    so touching Kenia.......loved it so much

  3. sweet yet full of sadness...however there's some comfort in the arms of Nature reminiscing of happy moments...

  4. This is so poignant and so quietly, reflectively sad,Kenia--eloquent with the secrets of our heart that perhaps we can only whisper to the page in poems like this...just beautiful.

  5. This just gets better as it goes along, Kenia. I was hooked at thye second stanza, but the way it unfolds about the birds and the trees and the exclusivity, despite time and separation....well, it is just so you and so good.

  6. Anonymous3/30/2014

    Yep, this is woven perfectly together, so even-handedly in so many textures. Amen.

  7. A progression that really goes from a burning loss into a kind of solace with those branches at the end.. There is a gentle flow in this like a brook flowing out into marshland...

  8. Such painful beauty in return to a place of memories and listen to secrets you will never speak...I love the ending

  9. the secrets of lost love. YOu've treated this topic so perfectly - well done.

  10. The first is always the hardest ......

  11. Anonymous4/02/2014

    I would love to hear you read this ~