Monday, March 31, 2014

I learned this

I've searched the night
five weeks in a row
for traces of you.

There is a sleepless man
for every dog
barking in the neighborhood.

Each howl connects
to a soul's cry somewhere
in muted desolation.


  1. Reading this after a sleepless night, many hours of solitary dog barks later and I know there is no sense of isolation greater than the hours of night.

  2. I love how this poem uses the tangible...a particular number of weeks, every dog in the neighborhood, each howl--to intertwine with your real subject, the intangible.

  3. That second stanza really rocks!

  4. When I read one of your poems, I always wonder how you can make such simple phrases fall so lightly and sound so calm, yet have so much working underneath. The line about the dogs really got to me, but there is a much greater sense of lostness even than that.