Thursday, March 6, 2014

A space to disappear

Go for a swim in the deep waters
of your blue eyes to make friends with

the creatures living in your darkness
I know roughly nothing about you

but I have learned your waves
I have met your calm

when in a dream you came close
and gently touched my feet

leaving me on the sand
a space to disappear.

(To Matt)
(Shared with the Imaginary Garden)


  1. Anonymous3/06/2014

    sensual ~

  2. This is so beautiful in thought and expression. I love the correlation between swimming in deep waters and learning someone's character through their eyes.

  3. there's so many wonderful things here...the mystery, the sensuality, the uncovering of things not really seen.

    you've weaved a magnificent poem!

    stacy lynn mar

  4. i was listening to 'cry of the earth' by richard harringer when reading your lovely piece. the harringer piece is a soft meditative instrumentation that has water sounds much like they sound when they come into shore then recede. this is what your piece, 'a space to disapear' related to me. sure i can read into the soul of blue eyes but with this mantra of meditative music in the background, i read your piece literally about the water's coming to shore and disappearing into the sand between my toes.


  5. "friends with" is like a cliff in the format to fall off, so I know not "you" but what "you" know, and then, of course, that is only a space by a deeper sea. He/she had a chance and chose not to occupy it.

  6. My toes are curling at that touch of sea edge foam...

  7. Ooooh I want to lose myself in this, beautiful piece.

  8. This is truly wonderful writing.......the peacefulness.......I especially love "to make friends with the creatures living in your darkness." That is really deep.

  9. love that line, "I know roughly nothing about you." :)

  10. "I have learned your waves". Clever Kenia! You're an automatic visit for me anytime I see you on the linky. :-)

  11. Go for a swim in the deep waters
    of your blue eyes to make friends with

    Great opening Kernia! There is an awe of the expanse of friendliness of the eyes likened to the huge sea!