Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aries and Gemini

The airless days of March
produce the clearest nights.

I know a girl who traced a map
going from Hamal to Pollux,

so her favorite boy on Earth could
always find his way back to her heart.


a star is missing
no one will notice.

It's impossible to tell
when it was last spotted.

All this light in the city,
a man can easily lose the sky.


  1. Oh. Made me think of that lost flight. Made me think he joined her. Gave me so many thoughts--but fire (Aries) swallows so much air (Gemini), heats it in fact, so that an airless month could stifle a star.

  2. Oh gosh, Gemini girl... stay away from those Aries men.. they are too irresistible but no good for us in the long run..... run....

    I love the progression through this poem from the opening lines to the final couplet, which delivers a real imaginative kick.

  3. I too love how this piece unfolds--beautiful ending!

  4. I love the way you write, Kenia.

  5. Anonymous3/21/2014

    brilliant as a starry night...

    Sorry I've been a bit absent of late, hope to catch up this weekend. Thanks for re-blogging my little pome. :) ~