Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I read it in The Tibetan Book of the Dead
that the last thought on your mind when you're dying

will become the first seed of your next life.
I'd like to see the people I love last thing.

Other than a child?

A tree.



A polar bear.

Because despite of their size,
they have light, gentle steps.

Because they understand
what it's like to be alone.

(Shared with Poets United)


  1. so moving........you are awesome!

  2. OwWooooo! Tight, nothing to spare,a total gem. It moves me.

  3. somehow, I think this would fit nicely with the Laurie Anderson prompt by Marian recently. BTW, I got a note from Grace to hop over to the garden, since Marian is this weeks' "victim" of the personal challenge. :) ~

  4. Awesome. . .

    ha ha
    I bet you thought I was only going to write a one word comment.
    maybe the polar bear is your animal spirit.
    Have you ever dreamed about polar bears?
    anyway lovely expression in the poem and such a good twist at the end.

  5. deep thoughts. sad. and appeals to you. good job in penning this

  6. Yes, so gorgeous! There are many more beautiful ways to exist on Earth than in the guise of a human being.

  7. Interesting thoughts of death & reincarnation Kenia ~ The bear being alone in his journey ~

    I will bring your lovely words with me ~ Happy Sunday ~

  8. Even we Hindus believe that our last thought in one life becomes the first action in the next one. Being alone for the polar bear is its second nature. Maybe it doesn't associate being alone with loneliness the way we do.

    1. Living alone is not second nature for polar bears. They live alone for most of their lives, and the poem is not about loneliness. They are referred to here to because I need to learn (as they do) to do things on my own.

      Thanks for your visit.

  9. Oh do I love this poem! It has Tibetan wisdom, a polar bear, and loved ones - everything I love in a poem!

  10. lovely way of putting emotion using Tibetan wisdom....