Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get on your bike son

Get on your bike son,
this is a fragile time
to be awake in the city,

Carry back home
your collection of bodies
and bombs,

It's enough frolicking
on the burning streets.
you know what they say

of boys who play with fire.
The future won't be written
in the dark, small hours.

Go get some sleep.

(Shared with the Real Toads)

(I had no idea what to write about until I saw this photo TB took on the inflamed streets of Kiev, 25 people were killed yesterday and I find it awfully sad to imagine how many other lives will be lost until the problem is solved. Because I found TB's title quite sarcastic, I wrote on the same tone, from an authority point of view. The poem doesn't represent my opinion on the actions people in the streets of Ukraine should take. People must hold strong.)


  1. This is quite grand ... All the more impactful knowing your inspiration.

  2. It reads like a horrific nursery rhyme....It is powerful and reflects the horror of Kiev.

  3. Whew. Would they go and get sleep in the Ukraine and Ireland and many other places in the USA, Asia, Africa, etc, etc. God, let them be children through many more nights.

  4. All I could think of is Ring Around the Roses-so sad and horrific. You weaved the insanity of it all with the way the mind always looks for the routine. It felt so real...

    It is tragic and horrible...this whole mess!

  5. Very direct, and all the more chilling for its simplicity. Thanks so much for the challenge, Kenia.

  6. Hope 'The future won't be written
    in the dark, small hours.' ~ Blessings! xx


  7. Stark and powerful depiction of the senseless violence the people of Ukraine are unwittingly caught up in. Some of the footage I’ve seen looks truly apocalyptic. It seems that the inhabitants have the misfortune of living in the sites of a pipeline.

    Thank you so much for the challenge

  8. It's always the children who pay the most in a time of upheaval.
    A wonderful write, Kenia. Sad, so sad...but so well done.

  9. I saw a translation today of a twitter feed coming from Kiev. Terrible. You've captured the black-boot voice so well. ~

  10. a striking juxtaposition here - well done

  11. The truth about the Dystopian world is that we are already living in it and so are all the little boys and girls we bring into the world. Your poem did not strike me as sarcastic but as making a very strong statement about the fragility of life in a war zone.

  12. First, the sound play in your closing with the pairing of fire and hour works really well.

    The topic is a hard one...after viewing the image it leaves one with a shadow and an empty absent of human-life feeling...haunting that uninhabited bike.

    Great write and challenge, Kenia.

    Sorry it took me so long to get to you...thank you!

  13. An excellent poem. @poemblaze Hope you are well. :)