Thursday, January 14, 2016

The fourteenth

I've taken an important decision:
We're going to be friends,
this lifetime and I.

I promise you patience.

I promise I'll get old
one year at a time.

I promise I'll wait
for you.

Today's been dragging.
Today is the fourteenth day
into my vacations
and I've had a lot of work,
but I'm saving tears for a
rainy day.

Been thinking about my first house and
how much I'd like you to
have a key.

On days like these
to open the door
and scream your name
to know you there

to breathe my dreams upon your chest,
the sureness of being safe.


  1. The beautiful thoughts unfold with perfect poise. Such a lovely poem for a new year, with promises made to oneself.

  2. brilliant conceit - already, the month skirts us, and before we know, we're at a distance... ~