Friday, October 23, 2015


Why I can't let you go.
Why you can't love me.
Why fate keeps

bringing us together
so you can hurt me
over and over.

Why I don't fight back.
Why I repeat the same mistakes.
It's tiresome.

In another life,
when we have paid our debts,
when our souls have grown wiser,

you touch my back
with your chin,
warmth, silence.

Nothing is desperate.


  1. The view you present of 'another life' is so dear, and hard won, it brings tears to my eyes. If I believe one thing in life, it is that lovers should not be separated, not by fate, circumstance or their own stubborn natures. (I kind of want to give this boy a shake so he wakes up before it is too late.)

    1. That's the most loving thing I've heard in a while Kerry, you're such a wonderful woman. Thanks my dear.

  2. this is beautiful!
    i especially like the idea of other lives when both are wiser.

  3. ola, Kenia.

    another of your beautiful and sharp (anti-) love poems, which you craft so marvelously.

    happy new year ~

  4. This is beautifully touching Kenia!! Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt :D

    Lots of love,

  5. i like this dream of "...another life"...much yearning is here....

  6. Repeating the same mistakes is certainly tiresome and yet part of the journey perhaps..i can empathise with that ache for peace - truly - and hope it comes without desperation - i also love the title and the Chuck quote on your blog banner..

  7. I guess I'm too pragmatic. I don't want to wait till next time (in case there is no next time. I would square my shoulders and move on to someone who can love. That's why I love your last line SO much.