Saturday, April 4, 2015

In this one life

On the night we were introduced
you came out of the shadows supposed as a surprise,
but we were sure to have met before
and that it might have been in another life.

In this one life you skipped classes to see me,
I was grounded for a month
for letting you sleep over while my parents were out of town.
In this one life you were my best friend,
we nearly kissed. Twice.
In this one life it was your choice to part,
it was your choice to stay away.

I kept saying your name for years because
I didn't want to lose it, because I would always
be able to use the letters like coordinates to the memories.
Your leaving ruined me for the human experience.

Written for the PAD Challenge, today we were asked to write about departures, there are a few departures it was hard for me to  get over, this was one of them


  1. I do not find partings easy to survive, but they have been impossible to avoid. I relate to your words so well, I had to take a deep breath to make it through the last heartbreaking stanza.

  2. whew, Kenia. but I wonder if you'd write so well, if he hadn't left ... ~