Sunday, September 14, 2014

This will destroy you (but will also set your soul free)

I discover a fearless heart
when I repeat my love
for a man who denied me
three times.

The hours you spent
accounting my masks,
observing my stumbles
to prove me imperfect -

have you assumed 
they would make me weak?
I'm the weakest a human being can be,
I love. You don't know what it is.

Or maybe you do.
You block the bridge I've built to you
knowing I always cross it alone.
Maybe, you've already gotten yourself

a weakness.
This will destroy you,
my dear one.
(But will also set your soul free.)


  1. So sad. But I love how you look at it as freedom!

  2. Love is the soul's torment, Psyche's agony for her phantom lover Eros. Why is it that we come so slowly to love, along a parallel most like grief, a thousand rooms, so many fits and and starts? But I wonder if such a gift could be appreciated any other way. Keeps us writing, anyway. Nothing stronger than the surrenders of love, yes.

  3. That first stanza is incredible.

  4. I'm the weakest a human being can be,
    I love.

    Once again, you demonstrate the paradox that when love most weakens us, it makes us strong beyond measure. You deal out pain and unconditional love in equal measure: after all we drink joy and sorrow from the same cup.

  5. Loved to read this, so eloquent.

  6. The assumptions fly in and out of this one--talking to herself, talking to her absent love. To be capable of such loving is to be able to distinguish strength from weakness, but also to be in a lonely perfection. Who can measure up?

  7. Ah maybe at the end there's a regret also on the other side of that break. And weakness is just another type of strength...

  8. always have such a good handle on the context of a relationship, pushing all the right buttons to make a person say....Jesus, I have so been there. Love the ultimate in weakness and in strength.....damn good stuff.

  9. Yearnings for a loved one can be overwhelming. He can find another but it may not work.One can always provide the salvation to free him! Great write Kenia!


  10. There is nothing more powerful than the knowledge (and acceptance) of something wonderful, which we know can also destroy us. The way we handle this intelligence is what makes us invincibly human.


  11. Love your opening is so complicated. It brings such extreme highs and lows...beautiful piece

  12. you bring melody when most can only screech, or whimper, in the face of such cruelty (or indifference) ~

  13. There is a great strength in knowledge and in loving deeply and unconditionally. Our weakest strength. I absolutely love this poem Kenia!!