Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The bee charmer

Because they know of the mythical sweetness you hide,
they cross distances to dance around you,
tiny fearful hearts muted by the flap of their wings.

For the love of you, they cobbled
your lips and eyes together -
so they could tell your face apart from any other.

A blend of comfort and relief that they will
meet a destiny on the touch of your fingertips
for they can rest their tiredness upon familiar palms.


  1. Dear Kenia,
    I have had a most glorious morning .. Traveling back to early May .. reading your poetry. What can I say other than ~ you are an amazing poet and sublimely talented.

  2. What a beautiful imagination you have, Kenia. This is so gentle, loving and magical.

  3. Anonymous9/10/2014

    beautiful, Kenia ~

  4. This is fabulous! The bees, the sweetness, the dance, the tiredness (from all that work) everything . . .