Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to embrace a man who is too far from your touch

You wake up and say good morning
to the favorite photo of his you keep nearby

when it's too early to disturb his sleep
and you are acquainted with his grumpy version.

You get mad at him whenever he gets stung
because he can't stop playing with bees

or when he falls sick and refuses to believe
the effectiveness of your home remedies.

You be there for him in silence when
his heart caves in and he doesn't feel like talking.

You be there for him at two in the morning
when he has an idea or can't sleep,

for he could have called any person in the world
but he picked you.

You end your conversations with a kiss
you can't deliver yourself to his forehead

and because sometimes he might doubt it,
you tell him you love him, before he closes his eyes.


  1. Your title sets out the conundrum of long distance relationships and your poem provides the answer to how the love is sustained.

    I love each couplet, in and of itself, but the last two lines have made my vision blur.

  2. the title itself describes it best.. something i've been feeling lately as well :) lovely.

  3. I would count such a man as fortunate ~

  4. Distance truly lies in the eye of the beholder .. Lovely writing, Kenia.