Monday, July 28, 2014

Ceci n'est pas un homme

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the prodigious man in the top hat
prepare to be diverted, for tonight he will perform
his most infamous trick.

Now even if you look closely,
you will see no rabbit -
Rest assured  it's not there.
I myself have been inside it once,

took the hat for the magician's heart,
ended up in a room in the devil's mind.
Do not be foolished by the many pictures
I have painted of him before, out of love and devotion.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the spectacular man in the top hat
behold his elegantly fabricated smile,
before he vanishes through the hole in the hat.

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  1. Nothing worse than a magician who steals hearts!
    Beautifully written.
    My bit was in a more humorous vein.

  2. Anonymous7/28/2014

    Delightful (and bittersweet) play on the conjuror's act, how well that plays into the mystique and damage of the other. Cunningly done, especially the final stanza.

  3. Aha!! magic wonder deceit love all stringed together her!! beautiful!

  4. This is outstanding, Kenia. From the first line to the last, I had a genuine "wow" experience. So clever, so on point where some men are concerned. And gold star for the title.


  5. Enthralled and appalled by a musician's mysterious antics can be a concern when emotions get entangled, Wonderful take Kenia!


  6. wow
    Along with dreams and toys that are lost, that disappear, that were just sharing the stage we didn't know we were acting on.

  7. The accusing finger of scorn - works well.

  8. excellent. now release!

  9. Anonymous7/31/2014

    you are yet a magician, Kenia ~

  10. A magical and captivating tale indeed....wonderful writing Kenia.