Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pauli exclusion principle

I know for a fact, much before
Physics class in Junior High,
our neighbor's oldest son Marcus's tongue
uncomfortably chasing mine,
that two bodies cannot occupy
 the same space in time.

But there's nearness,
there's warmth.
There's this vacant spot
the closest from my chest,
right around my arms -
I am saving it for you.

(Started for Susan's Mid-week Motif on Science over at The Poets United. Completed for Fireblossom's Flash Fiction 55 mini-challenge over at the Imaginary Garden)


  1. Science does not explain everything.. displacement for one thing is much more than water rising in a bath-tub.. and Pauli's observations run counter to lovers desires.

    You write about love in a way that always resonates with me. I think we must be soul sisters.


  2. Sigh, huge and satisfying ...

  3. Ha. if I go all physicist I would say that if you are bosons you might actually occupy the same place.. but I guess that's too nerdy to speak about.

  4. I would take the closeness over same-spot occupancy every time. Wonderful lilting wistful lyric, Kenia.

  5. A delightfully different kind of love poem, Kenia. Wonderful!

  6. So sweet....ah I needed a touch of it today

  7. I hated high school physics. I can't even tell you how much!

  8. Anonymous5/05/2014

    this is a bit on the cheery compared to some of you other recent pens, Kenia. thanks again for the thought-provoking questions, and you did a wonderful edit. ~

  9. You always write so surely about things like this, you make even my burnt, shriveled black cinder of a heart feel that love can retain an innocence and a truth, and we can be warm and kind to each other--of course we can! I really feel that after reading your words. Just beautiful, Kenia.