Sunday, May 18, 2014

Five in ten thousand

Rigil Kentuarus 

Five years of distance,
five years of post office mistakes,
five years of undelivered affection.
Come the final hours
to the end of the world,
I'll wish we could sit outside and read
the universe on each other's palms
as we used to when we were young.


I followed the spark in your eyes
and spiral danced around you like a beetle
before losing them for the dark night.
We learned each other's pitch
by watching words
come to light in the blackness
and used our hands to protect them
as if they were fireflies.

El Nath

A list of ways in which love is concrete:
in paper folded  boats,
in balloon elephants,
in black tea when I'm sick,
in a tangible invented world,
in the books we read,
in the waiting for Godot,
in Magritte.


No one else finds me awake
after the 2 a.m. train,
I am not there for anyone else.
 I'm carried into my dreams
 by a whistle,
gradually fading in the separation,
sure to be soon lost in the distance
when you don't come.


You trigger me to
stare at my own spirit.
You wrap me 
in different strengths.
I show you the roof of my mouth
and am posed with your vast rib cage -
who would have thought 
of  a better hiding place?

(Shared with the Imaginary Garden)


  1. Something which has always fascinated me about human interaction is how different people in one's life each hold a treasured place, adding to one's experience of living in unique and crucial ways. I am glad you have taken time to number those of yours here, and given each his due.

    1. I love this poem even more today than I did yesterday.


    2. You're the sweetest thing. Thank you so much for your unconditional support of my writing. <3

  2. I love the differences that each of these encapsulate and how they form a part of your journey.

  3. The way each person means a whole different thing, i love that

  4. 5, hmm. Each unique with a different slant of love. These images are moving to me.

  5. I really like how each of the five has its own style and feel, distinct from the others - most fitting considering they're targeted at 5 different people, and how each has something that is uniquely attributable (the palms, the eye, the whistle, the ribcage). These lines are so good: "I'll wish we could sit outside and read
    the universe on each other's palms
    as we used to when we were young."

  6. Here's what I have to say about this: I have felt stuck and unpoetic lately, losing the spark. This is poetry, this reminded me how it's done. I especially love the "Girtab" section.

    1. Girtab, oh well, he's still there somewhere. I still wait somehow. I'm honored to hear reading my poem today helped you get back to feeling poetic. Much love. <3

  7. These are perfect and make me yearn for the youngness of love or to turn back time. They are so rich with image that they convey much in a small space, the beauty of poetry. I particular love the first one.

  8. Anonymous5/19/2014

    I love this five-fold origami, each with a leaf inscribed with a different rapture. So well assembled and ordered and felt through.

  9. love it, relate to some of it, admire it. very, very nice, Kenia. i think i knew you were describing 5 different people before I read your end-note... which, if i were you, i would remove, because this beautiful writing stands well on its own and needs no explanation. :)

    1. Note lost for you Marian. :) Thank you for such a nice comment. <3

  10. Not even waiting is in vain... I love especially the paper folded boats and the waiting for Godot (but he never came did he?)... the form is intriguing building layer upon layer.

    1. No, he didn't. He will come tomorrow. :) Beckett has this really important place in my life, Björn, Thanks for your visit. <3

  11. Anonymous5/19/2014

    Ah, lovely--really interesting--I love all your combinations here --the Godot in Magritte, the beattles the fireflies, the universe in the palsm--all so cool. Very well done. k.

    1. I didn't have to work much, really, the men of my life are all very cool actually. :) Thanks for stopping by. <3

  12. Anonymous5/20/2014

    a new favorite. the last four lines floored me ~

  13. I am visiting from clicking the blog roll on poets united. I came because I liked your blog name, and I stayed because I enjoyed reading your prose and verse. Following. Amazing writing.

  14. Fascinating and evocative words.
    I'm visiting from NaPoWriMo. My team's blog is Poetry of the Netherworld.